Kai Greene and Steroids: Biography & Workout

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kai greene steroids

Kai Greene is a professional American bodybuilder, trainer, artist and actor. Kai’s last win came in 2016, winning the Arnold Classic, beating big names like Branch Warren and Cedric McMillan. Greene consistently occupies high positions in the most prestigious bodybuilding competition “Mr Olympia”, however, he has never won it yet: 2 places in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Kai Greene Biography

Kai Greene was born on July 12, 1975 in Brooklyn (New York). At the age of 6, due to problems in his family, he was placed under the care of the state. For the next 10 years, the guy constantly moved and visited several foster families. Such a painful situation emotionally pressed on the young man and, in order to escape from life’s difficulties, he was fond of drawing first, and then hard sports.

As bodybuilder Kai Greene says today: “Since childhood, many talents have been hidden in me, but from an early age I most wanted to become an artist, not an athlete. My two inner worlds eventually collided and merged. I became an artist who creates my own body like a masterful canvas.”

Kai Greene got into bodybuilding thanks to an English teacher: in the seventh grade, the mentor drew attention to Greene, who stood out against the background of his peers in physical growth and development. It was he who invited the young man to try his own hand at amateur competitions. As a result, Kai spent his school years completely on training and going to tournaments: the guy easily bypassed not only peers, but also competitors several years older than himself (where he took part, he almost always won or was in the top three).

Bodybuilder Kai Greene understood that in order to compete on a par with adult bodybuilders, he needed to overcome his own limits. To hone his muscles as much as possible, he started attending 5th Avenue Gym. This is a small basement training room in New York that has become Kai’s home. Here the athlete made useful contacts, and most importantly, he gained the necessary knowledge regarding anatomy, nutrition and training.

At the age of 19, Kai Greene successfully competed in championships from one of the many amateur organizations in the United States (name not specified). The guy was proud of himself, because he was able to achieve such high results without even resorting to doping. Then he hoped to become the youngest professional bodybuilder in the world. To fulfill this dream, Greene trained non-stop, only occasionally allowing himself short vacations.

In the summer of 1997, Kai Greene decided to become an IFBB professional, but faced an unexpected obstacle on his way: in order to receive an IFBB professional card, you need to declare yourself in competitions from the amateur division of the federation (we are talking about NPC).

The athlete’s success in the NPC has not been constant. He made it his goal to win the “Team Universe” and subsequently achieve Pro status through the “Amateur World Championship”, however, in the first two seasons he was unable to achieve it. Finally, in 1999, after winning the heavyweight and absolute categories at the Team Universe, the athlete earned an invitation to the NPC Amateur World Championship. But he failed the competition: Greene finished only 6th, missing out on his chance to become the youngest Pro bodybuilder.

This defeat hit Kai’s motivation hard. As a result, he left sports performances for almost 5 years. Alternatively, he focused on a career as an artist (to develop his own brush skills, he continued his studies at school). At the same time, Greene did not give up sports training (he exercised regularly, but just for the sake of pleasure).

Bodybuilder Kai Greene returned to bodybuilding in 2004 when the “NPC Team Universe” became responsible for accrediting professional athletes for the IFBB. A few months later, Greene achieved the coveted Pro status, moving from amateur championships to competitions with the best of the best bodybuilders in the world.

kai greene biography

Bodybuilding Titles

As a professional bodybuilder, Kai Greene has won not one, not two, or even three awards at the most prestigious bodybuilding championships. To count all the titles won by the athlete, there are definitely not enough fingers:

  • 1st – Shawn Ray Colorado Pro 2007;
  • 1st – New York Pro 2008;
  • 1st – Australian Pro Grand Prix 2009;
  • 1st – Arnold Classic 2009;
  • 1st – Arnold Classic 2010;
  • 1st – Australian Pro Grand Prix 2010;
  • 1st – New York Pro 2011;
  • 1st – EVL’s Prague Pro 2013;
  • 1st – Arnold Classic 2016;
  • 1st – Arnold Classic Australia 2016;
  • 1st – Arnold Classic Brazil 2016.

As for the performances at “Mr Olympia”, even if Kai Greene has never won this competition, he consistently occupies high positions, bypassing 99% of competitors:

  • 4st – Mr. Olympia 2009;
  • 7st – Mr. Olympia 2010;
  • 3st – Mr. Olympia 2011;
  • 2st – Mr. Olympia 2012;
  • 2st – Mr. Olympia 2013;
  • 2st – Mr. Olympia 2014.

Kai Greene is one of the most titled modern bodybuilders, who only lacks a win at “Mr Olympia” to become a bodybuilding legend.

Anthropometric data of Kai Greene at peak form (average):

  • Height – 173 centimeters;
  • Competitive weight – 116-121 kilograms;
  • Biceps – 59 centimeters;
  • Chest – 148 centimeters;
  • Thigh – 86 centimeters.

Obviously, in the off-season, the weight of an athlete increases: on average, it reaches 126-136 kilograms.

It is important to understand that Kai Greene is not only an outstanding bodybuilder, but also a famous trainer (regularly conducts thematic seminars, writes articles and shoots videos), as well as an artist and actor. In early 2017, Greene signed one of Hollywood’s most famous talent agencies, The Gersh Agency. From now on, it will be these specialists who will promote Kai as an actor in films and TV series, select a job for him and agree on his contracts.

Kai Greene is no stranger to the film industry. During his life, he starred in the autobiographical mini-series “Kai Greene: The Return”, as well as in the full-length film “Generation Iron”, which was watched by many bodybuilding fans. It is quite possible that in the near future we will see the newly minted Hollywood star in one of the roles in James Bond or as a villain in Marvel – at least, this is hinted at by the tabloid “Deadline”, one of the first to post the news about the collaboration between the bodybuilder and “The Gersh Agency”.

kai greene workout

Kai Greene Workout

Kai Greene has never been a conservative in training. He prefers to be creative in training. One of his “tricks” is that the athlete is constantly modernizing the workout program, improving it on his own or on the recommendation of the coach. Often, the approach to training an athlete depends on the upcoming competition, but sometimes it happens spontaneously.

Kai Greene’s workout plan can be explored on YouTube. Kai has his own channel where he regularly shares sports thoughts, ideas and wisdom. Despite the fact that Greene conducts seminars and writes articles that are distributed for money, he does not hide how he does it. So from the video it is really possible to emphasize his techniques for pumping back muscles:

Back Workout

  • Hammer Strength Pullover – 3 sets x 10 reps;
  • Hammer Strength High Row – 3 sets x 10 reps;
  • Lat Pulldown – 4 sets x 10 reps;
  • T-Bar Row – 3 sets x 10 reps;
  • Bent-Over Barbell Row – 4 sets x 10-15 reps;
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Row – 4 sets x 10 reps;
  • Hyperextension – 3 sets x 20-30 reps with bodyweight;
  • Deadlift – 2 sets x 20-30 reps.

Note: in exercises 1-5, the last approach is performed with weight loss (drop-set or strip is done).

Workout Routine

Also, the YouTube channel allows you to emphasize the athlete’s original approach to pumping legs / hips and, in general, power loads. One of Kai’s favorite exercises is “Jefferson Squat”, performed with a barbell between the legs (squatting from this position). Strength exercises Greene, as a rule, are characterized by a relatively small number of repetitions in a short amplitude, work not to failure and minimal rest in time.

The modern workout program of Kai Greene is a five-day split, where on the first day loads are carried out with priority on the chest and lower legs, on the second day – with priority on the shoulders and forearms, on the third day – with priority on the back, on the fourth day – with priority on legs, on the fifth day – with priority on the hands.

Of course, Kai Greene’s workouts are constantly improving, so the techniques that were relevant in the 2015-2016 seasons may become obsolete in 2017. Kai is a mesomorph by body type (many experts call him almost an ideal mesomorph, which says a lot).

Recently, the athlete prefers to exercise in the morning, although a few years ago his training took place mainly in the afternoon.

does kai greene take steroids

Does Kai Greene Take Steroids?

Kai Greene takes a strict stance on sports pharmacology: “I have never used and will not use doping, be it steroids, growth hormone or any other drug prohibited in sports.” In his interviews, the athlete loudly declares that he is almost the only natural bodybuilder on the pro stage. But he doesn’t like the term “natural” at all. The athlete says that “straight” is now called “skinny” who, without doping, are unable to gain muscle mass compared to the legendary bodybuilders, but he is not.

This is the official bodybuilding position. However, many viewers and bodybuilding experts suggest that Kai Greene is being disingenuous when he claims not to use steroids. Like, even the most genetically gifted mesomorph cannot achieve such muscle development without the help of pharmacology.

Which Steroids Does Kai Greene Take?

According to discussions on numerous profile sites and forums, Greene’s choice falls on such active substances as Testosterone Cypionate, Trenbolone Acetate, Methandienone, HGH and Insulin. Allegedly, Kai Greene uses them in prohibitive doses (up to 1500-2000 mg / week of Testosterone, up to 75-100 mg / day of Trenbolone, up to 50-100 mg / day of Methandienone; HGH – 15IU every day), and the breaks between steroid cycles are does only during performances at competitions (at which doping tests are carried out).

Where is the truth? We are unlikely to find out in the near future, at least until Kai reconsiders his own stance on doping.

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